A great racking solution for effective presentation and visibility of products, Gondola Racks works well for the supermarkets. Easy to assemble and install, these free standing, double sided shelves can be customized as per specific needs of the merchants. Made from high quality steel and powder coated for durability, long life and smooth finish, these racks are designed and engineered to take heavy loads. Offering maximum storage space in limited area, the Gondola racks are versatile and can be used to place products at the required height for best attention. Popular among malls, retail outlets, chemists, grocery and convenience stores, Gondola Racks ERATI RACKING SYSTEM Foot wear racks in Malls, Retail Stores and Factory Outlets not only serve as Display Units, Organizers and Storage but also function as marketing points to attract prospective customers. Attractive display of shoes and other footwear is essential for visual impact and promote sales. Erati offers innovatively